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Wax Aquamarine Lentils (FUN027)
Aquamarine wax especially suitable for wax injectors with the aim of making castings.
This wax has great flexibility and kink resistance, along with excellent shape memory.
Its contraction is low, ideal for making models as similar as possible to the original.

  • Color: aquamarine
  • Flexible: flexible
  • Hardness: Hard (Shore D 56)
  • Injection temperature: 69-71°C
  • Packing: 850g
Green Wax Sheets 100 x 100 mm (FUN179)
Freeman brand green wax sheets 100x100 mm.

Its high quality material allows for excellent casting without residues.
These sheets allow numerous jobs and applications due to the ease of transformation and handling.

For greater flexibility, they can be immersed in warm water, this will allow us to make more crafted pieces.

Finally, one of the most important features that sets it apart from other waxes is its memory property.

This means that it maintains the shape we model regardless of the ambient temperature it is subjected to.

Contains: 32 sheets of different thicknesses (0.50/0.65/0.80 mm)
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